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Simple Meditation

Meditation is as simple as just noticing, or being aware of, what is coming into your senses, what thoughts and feelings are arising, what intuitions or inspirations are arising, what motivations and urges are arising, and what energetic sensations are being experienced without getting involved in the mind’s commentary about these. Notice not only what is coming in through your senses, but also the impact it has on you subtly and not so subtly. The goal of meditation is to experience your true nature, or Essence, and Essence is this noticing, aware Presence that you imitate when you sit down to meditate. In imitating Awareness by being aware of everything you are experiencing in the moment, but not identifying with it, you become that Awareness; you drop into it. Noticing without getting involved in any mental commentary or thoughts about what you are noticing aligns you with Essence.
  • Lake, Gina (2009-04-19). What About Now? Reminders for Being in the Moment (p. 99). Endless Satsang Foundation. Kindle Edition.

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