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On Enlightenment

“Enlightenment means waking up to what you truly are and then being that.” 

Is there effort required on this path? Personally I find I have less and less energy to make an effort in any direction.

You can't make an effort without rension. But why do you make an effort?  Only because you're looking for some result, for something outside yourself. Once you really know that what you're looklng for is your real nature, you lose the impetus to strive. So first, see how you are constantly making an effort. As soon as you are aware of this process, you are already outside it. And it may come as an original perception that you are really stillness.

But doesn't seeing this require some effort?

No. This seeing is your natural state. Just be aware that you don't see. Become more aware that you constantly react. Seeing requires no effort because your nature is seeing, is being stillness. The moment you're not looking for a result, not looking to criticize, to evaluate or conclude, just looking, then you can perceive this reacting, and you are no longer an accomplice to it.