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Sid Berman on Mindfulness

Colors of the World

The naval isn't that important. The contemplation is everything.

Empowerment cannot thrive in an atmosphere of mistrust.

I don't mind people telling me what they think. I do mind people telling me what I think.

For the easily amused, life is a fabulous buffet of tasty delights.

The scholar divides the universe into small boxes. The sage smiles in amusement.

You are not the play. You are the theatre in which the play takes place.  

Nothing is ever the way it's supposed to be. Everything is the way it is.

Whatever you think you're waiting for has already started.

The purpose of thinking is to convince ourselves that we know what we are talking about.

You do not meditate to heal yourself. You meditate to discover that you are well.
If you wish to save the world, you must first find it.
The songbird sits still on the telephone cable, singing it's sweet song, and marking my place in eternity.

Saying "no" to religion is not the same as saying "no" to God. 

When things go our way, we are happy. When we discover the present we become happiness.

If you have too much on your plate, get a bigger plate.

The purpose of a mindfulness practice is not  to keep one from acting like a moron.

Once you know why, how becomes secondary.