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A Quiet Mind

You say tranquility of the mind and a peaceful heart are essential. Is that so? Or is that merely a theory, merely a desire? Because we are so disturbed, distracted, we want that quietness, that tranquility --- which then is merely an escape. It is not a necessity, it is an escape. When we see the necessity of it, when we are convinced it is the only thing that matters, the only thing that is essential --- then do we ask the method for it? Is a method necessary when you see something is essential?

Method involves time, does it not? If not now, then eventually --- tomorrow, in a couple of years --- I shall be tranquil. Which means, you do not see the necessity of being tranquil. And so the "how" becomes a distraction; the method becomes a way of postponing the essentiality of tranquility. And that is why you have all these meditations, these phony, false controls, to get eventual tranquility of the mind, and the various methods of how to discipline in order to acquire that tranquility. Which means, you do not see the necessity, the immediate necessity, of having a still mind. When you see the necessity of it, then there is no inquiry into the method at all. Then you see the importance of having a quiet mind, and you have a quiet mind.
J. Krishnamurti (Wiki link)

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